When the Lumiere Brothers invented the movie camera back in 1895, the first films they made were starring bobbleheads. The brother's intent for the camera was a simple one: to document the epic saga of "the bobblehead experience".

Though in an effort to take the credit for being "the originator of film", the evil Thomas Edison snuck into the Lumiere Brother's workshop one night and burned all the bobblehead celluloid, thereby removing our existence from history. Unfortunately, by the time filmmaking had made its way out to Los Angeles, the brothers had given up their original filmmaking persuits and instead devoted themselves to years of failed assassination attempts on the wicked Thomas Edison.

Since that time, us bobbleheads have largely been forgotten from the cinema, despite us being the original faces on the silver screen. But in an effort to get our stories out to the world once again, we, a rag-tag troup of Bobbleteers, have banded together to create BOBBLEFLIX, a film website devoted to sharing our history that the Lumiere Brothers had started some 122 years ago. Our time has finally come - the age of the bobbleheads is back!




In an attempt to find a filmmaker suitable to bring our stories to life, we first sought out the talents of Christopher Nolan. Unfortunately, he was unavailable – so we went after Christopher Guest (as we find people named Christopher to be highly trustworthy and incredibly talented). The latter was too busy as well. This is when we put out flyers asking for the help of full-time filmmakers. And in doing so, not only was Chris Covell the most qualified of all our applicants, but he shared with us the “inner bobble” that we so passionately want to reveal to the world. 



Taking a page from the Lumiere Brother's notebook (*see above for reference*), Chris has made it his mission to tell our stories and share our heart. Joining with Chris has given us hope for the future - a future where "the bobblehead experience" can be made known to the world. It is both his and our dream that through these films, our stories can earn their rightful spot in the pages of history, so that one day, the narrative of the Bobblehead can be just as known and loved as the narrative of mankind itself.



  • He thinks bobbleheads are the BEST
  • Disneyland is his favorite place on earth
  • He enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset (ladies ;) )
  • He once perfectly sang all 8 minutes and 25 seconds of the song "Springime For Hitler" from memory without musical accompaniment



Abe Lincoln

16th President of the Bobbleheads

Husband to Mary Todd Lincoln (who's a total hottie)

Other Fun Facts:

  • The 1st bobblehead ever to go to Disneyland
  • Has the world's largest stovepipe hat collection
  • His favorite movie is Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" - a film he considers to be "an absolute masterpiece of cinema"

Mary Todd Lincoln

First Lady of the Bobbleheads

Wife to Abe Lincoln (who's a total cutie)

Other Fun Facts:

  • Orchids are her favorite flower
  • Has the highest IQ of all the bobbleheads
  • Knowledgeable in karate, kung-fu, and jiu-jitsu

Michael Scott

Regional Manager of BobbleFlix

Stand-up Comedian - Screenwriter - Motivational Speaker

Other Fun Facts:

  • Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Star of acclaimed film "Threat Level Midnight"
  • Has watched all 9 seasons of "The Office" 81 times
  • Went on a date with Mary Todd Lincoln to Disneyland - got dumped

Dwight Schrute

Assistant (to the) Regional Manager of BobbleFlix

Official Bobblehead Paper Supplier

Other Fun Facts:

  • 1st bobblehead to star in a BobbleFlix film
  • Beets are his favorite food
  • Runs a popular Bed and Breakfast at his farm (bobbleheads get 15% discount)

Steven Bobbleberg

The Most Influential Filmmaker of his Generation

Official BobbleFlix "Storytelling Guru"

Other Fun Facts:

  • Wants to re-make "Indiana Jones" but with bobbleheads
  • Abe Lincoln (pictured above) is his favorite actor
  • Has many friends in the alien community

Ali Bobblehead

Businessman - Entrepreneur - Lover

Manages 5-star Hotel Chain: BobbleStay

Other Fun Facts:

  • Best Friends with Pope Francis
  • Has read over a million books
  • His favorite movie is "Toy Story"

Pope Francis

The Bobblehead Pope

Founder of First Bobble Church

Other Fun Facts:

  • Best Friends with Ali Bobblehead
  • Finds joy in helping others
  • His favorite band is Guns N' Roses

Magic Johnson

Bobblehead Athletic Coach

Part Owner of the LA Dodgers

Other Fun Facts:

  • Actual magician
  • Performs at children's birthday parties
  • Can dunk from half court

Mini Chris

Chris Covell's (smaller) Twin

Founder of the Bobblehead Film Club

Other Fun Facts:

  • Loves wearing smoking jackets
  • Disneyland is his favorite place on earth
  • Can sing every song from Les Mis

Bobble Do-Right

World-famous Canadian Mountie

Brother of Dudley Do-Right

Other Fun Facts:

  • Loves the outdoors
  • His favorite actor is Brendan Fraser
  • Can quote every line from "Dudley Do-Right" and "George of the Jungle"